Redeem Your Buytopia Voucher


If you have questions please text 647-773-3887 (for quick reply) or through our contact page.

  1. Please bring your Buytopia voucher to class.
  2. Vouchers expire after 180 days. You can use your Voucher (i.e. register for classes) up until the expiry date after which the Voucher then is worth the value that you paid for it ($29).
  3. Please plan to attend all 4 classes prior to registering as there are no make-up classes.
  4. Vouchers are only valid toward beginner classes (Zouk or Salsa). However, they are transferable, so you can gift them to a friend!
  5. Please register for either Zouk or Salsa. Taking both is confusing as the technical structure is quite different :)


How do I find your studio?
Our address is 527 Bloor St West, 2nd Floor. 
TTC: Get off at Bathurst Subway Station and walk Southbound on Bathurst (left when you exit the station). When you reach Bloor Street, cross to the south side and walk East. We are beside Lee's Palace (the large funky mural) above the Yogurty's. 
By Car: We are between Bathurst and Spadina, on Bloor. There is paid parking on Bloor (unlikely) and on Bathurst (likely). There is also a Green P behind the studio accessible via Lippincott Road. Please arrive early to make sure you can find parking.

What do I wear?
Please bring indoor shoes. When you arrive you can put your coat and bag in the back on the coat rack.
Women: Flats are fine. If you want to get salsa dance shoes you can go to Malabar (try to avoid anything over 2-inches and make sure they have an ankle strap). Wear anything you're comfortable with.
Men: Wear light shoes. If you sweat a lot bring an extra shirt or a towel. 

What happens if I miss a class?
Our courses run in 4-week courses and are designed to be taken from start to finish. If you have an 8-class pass, when you register for a course you will immediately redeem 4 of your classes upon registering. If you want to switch your course, there is a $15 administration fee (we work hard to match men and women and often our classes are full). Please plan to attend all 4 classes prior to registering as there are no make-up classes. Course changes or deferrals are subject to an administrative charge of $15.
What type of courses do you offer?
We offer introductory courses for first time dancers. You don't need any prior dance experience nor any dance partner. After you've finished an introductory course (say Salsa 1) then it's time for the Salsa Foundations Program. The Foundations program is a comprehensive 32 hour program that covers everything you need to feel like a comfortable, adept dancer at our practices and when we take you out dancing to a salsa club. After the Foundations Program is our Salsa Foundations Choreography where you will learn a short choreography under our guidance to begin developing a deeper understanding of Salsa. You can find more information on our Salsa Foundations page.

How do I get a refund?
If you need anything for whatever reason, please let us know. We will do everything that we can to help.
However, refunds for Buytopia vouchers can only happen through Buytopia, so please contact them directly.