Salsa Foundations Program

This program is an 8-module program designed to turn you into a salsa social dancer!


Modules 1-4:

Spot Turns

Cross Body Leads

Traveling Turns

Reverse Cross Body Leads


Modules 5-8:


Turns for Leads

Salsa Freestyle


What will I get out of this program?
You will learn how to dance salsa! By the time you are finished the modules, you will be able to handle yourself easily on the dance floor! Each week there will be a class and a practice. Every month, we will go out to a salsa club or for drinks after the class!

Why an 8-module program?
We want to make learning zouk as simple and effective as possible. Over ten years of teaching salsa has made it clear: the ease and adaptability of the students who have completed at least 8 months of our courses demonstrate the power of coupling our instruction and curriculum with their level of commitment and consistency. It just works.

So we've made it easier than ever to make that decision: Commit to becoming a great salsa dancer, and we will make it our mission to help you get there!

What pre-requisites do I need before starting?
If you are a new dancer, we recommend starting with our 4-week IntroSalsa Course. If you already have a fair amount of social dance experience or you cannot make the time slot, please consider taking the program via Private Classes.

I'll definitely have to miss a few weeks. Can I still take the program?
No problem! Whether you have a vacation coming up or a busy month at school, the modular, course-based format means you can skip a month (or more) anytime you need to. When you're back just let us know! You any amount of time to complete the program, offering all the flexibility you'll need without compromising your learning goals.

I have lots of dance experience. Can I learn more quickly?
We've aimed to make the Salsa Foundations Program the most effective and practical route for becoming adept at dancing salsa socially. However if you have an extensive dance background, then we would suggest taking Private Classes instead so that you can learn at a satisfying pace.

Okay, so I want to learn Salsa! What does all this cost?
We have three membership options:

BASIC Membership only $60+tax/mo
  • Access to up to ONE weekly group module per month [$60 value]
  • 10% off Private Classes with our excellent teachers


PLEASE CONTACT US via text message at 647-773-3887 or via e-mail at before coming to class. This is a subscription so you will be billed every month. If you are going on vacation, please let us know and we will pause your subscription. Full & Premium membership options are only available for Zouk.