Tango Classes

Learn how to dance Tango!
Our tango classes are taught by our instructors Junyan and Natalia. You'll have fun, meet great people and learn lots about this beautiful dance! The course covers all the fundamental tango movements you need to know to begin dancing at tango milongas (socials).

Do I need to have dance experience?
Tango I is for absolute beginners! 
No prior experience is required. 

Do I need a partner?
You can come alone or with a partner. We rotate partners throughout the class, so you will get to try dancing with many people. 

What do I wear? What shoes should I bring?
Please bring shoes! Our studio is beautiful hardwood and so we request that our students wear shoes that won't mark the floors. For the women, flats are a good choice to start with. If you want to wear heels, choose ones with ankle straps!
For clothing feel free to wear anything comfortable that can you can easily move in. 

Classes TBD

Course Details
Tango I: Basics

What will I learn? 
You will learn all the fundamental ideas in tango that you'll need to start dancing at milongas (social nights). Students love the exploration of 
history and music supplementary to the learning of the dance! As with all of our dance classes, the class environment is very friendly and easy going. Our instructor (Junyan) is professional and inspiring. We know you'll love it!

Tango II: Ochos

What will I learn?
After completing the Tango I course, you will be ready for tango ochos! This class will focus on forward and backward ochos and how to do them gracefully. All of our figures taught below will build on the concepts taught in Tango I, so we suggest that you go out to dance at a milonga a couple times to get comfortable with salidas in preparation for Tango II. 

IIA: Parada (stop)
IIB: Giro (turn)
IIC: Sacada (take)
IID: Boleo (whip)